Our projects

"Understanding Asperger Autists"
a project for inclusion in everyday working life

The aim of this project is to promote a democratic cooperation as well as the understanding of your employees towards invisible disabilities. Information about disorders of the autism spectrum, especially the Asperger syndrome. To reduce prejudice and discrimination, and to promote tolerance, acceptance and respect for others. 

What needs to change and where are the limits? 

We inform employers and employees about our special features. How easy and uncomplicated it can be to deal with Asperger Autisten. They learn how they can use our strengths. Under which conditions we can work and which conditions must be created. How we perceive the world. We answer questions and share our experiences. We look at the circumstances and provide practical assistance in the implementation of the goals that have been worked out. Together with you we work out the course of the project days. Depending on the desired concept, several project days can be carried out.

The complete concept as PDF